About Rainbow

In 1972, Rainbow’s founder Jay “Sparky” Longley embarked on his quest to create the world’s best sandal. Starting with little more than a sewing machine and scraps of rubber he began experimenting in his garage in Laguna Beach, CA. Several years of hard work and refinement led to the creation of a durable sandal that looked good and felt great. Rainbow Sandals are created by hand to this day, with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship that defined the brand.


What's New

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    Rainbow® Sandals are created by hand, using specially formulated glue to keep the layers together and the straps in place (no more broken sandals littering the beaches). Sparky personally formulated the various densities of sponge rubber with "memory" to mold to individuals' feet (very comfortable). The reputation of making quality and comfortable sandals being passed from customer to customer is how Rainbow® has grown to be the popular sandal they are today.
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    The single layer premier leather sandal is made of top grade nubuck leather top sole that is embossed with the Rainbow logo. The strap, also nubuck leather; is double stitched, and the nylon toe piece is secured with a box X stitch, all using bonded nylon thread.
    The single layer midsole and arch support is triple glued for maximum durability to our non-slip Rainbow bottom. We finish it off with the Original woven label on the right strap, the mark of a genuine Rainbow Sandal.




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We love Rainbow Sandals for their durability and comfort. With a built in arch support, non slip-soles, and various layers of thickness there are tons of options to choose from. We have all colors and various widths of straps including the extremely popular braided strap on the Flirty Braidy. All of our shops have a wide selection of Rainbow Sandals for men, women and kids. Looking for a shop near you to try on a pair? Check out our shop locator to find one close by.